PilatesPeepoftheMonthEach month we feature a Pilates 1901 client that has a remarkable change in their lives due to the fact they’ve chosen to do Pilates!

This month it is our pleasure to introduce you to Sara Croke who came to Pilates 1901 via Dr. Ladd Carlston.  Sara was suffering from a back injury and happened upon Pilates 1901 as a lucky coincidence.  She recognized Lisa Looy, who she knew before and asked her about Pilates.

Lisa told her that Pilates would also help her back and Sara decided to give it a try.

Sara made remarkable progress in her strength, flexibility, and balance, healing her back pain, but she still struggled with her weight.

In June this year, after committing to two Pilates privates per week and doing more cardio to help bump her off her plateau, Sara was disappointed to see she’d still only lost a few inches.

Our Lean 21 program was beginning that night, and though she’d been hesitant in the past, her lack of real progress prompted her signing up.

Since that time, Sara’s body has changed dramatically.  She realized she’d not been as consistent as she’d thought about her diet.  This changed with our Lean 21 Jumpstart.

After taking time to plan her meals, reduce simple carbs, sugar and alcohol, Sara was able to celebrate her 60th year by losing 4% body fat (20 lbs. on the scale), maintaining her lean body mass (muscle) and shrunk her size by 18.5 inches!





Sara used her new focus to prepare for a hiking trip across the Canadian Rockies this Summer. Her vision became a reality when she was able to hike for five straight days- something she’d only dreamed of when she was dealing with her back injury.

Now that she has her new skills in place, Sara feels the momentum to continue. 

Her next motivation is to be able to ski this Winter and continue to rock her curves in a Sweater dress!  We can’t wait to see you trip pics and your curves in that sweater dress!


Thank you!  We love having you as part of our family!

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