As a NEW Client, we have three great introductory offers to get you started:

Mat/Basic Classes Private Training Sessions Intro to Inversion Therapy
Sample a variety of classes including mat, fitness, cardio, yoga and intro to equipment classes Work one-on-one with one of our Stott Pilates trained instructors to assure you have a solid foundation and understanding of the basic principles and exercises. Includes a baseline assessment. Inversion therapy is performed with a specially designed hammock set to high and low levels to take your fitness and flexibility training to the next level. Using the tension and give of the hammock, body weight, position, and inversions.
Total Number of Classes 8* 6** 4***
Price $48.00 $259.00 $99.00
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* total number of 8 Classes

** total number of 50 mins Sessions

*** total number of 4 (30 min) Private Intro Sessions

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