Cara’s lacing up her tennis shoes, putting her passion on the line for the incredible cause she believes in: Mothers in Charge.

Most of you already know Cara Gilmore as one of the top trainers in Kansas City, leader, and instructor at Pilates 1901. What you might not know about her is that she is passionate about not only her work but in making the planet a better and safer place to live.

That’s why she got involved with KC Mothers in Charge.

KC Mothers in Charge is a group of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and a caring community committed to working to prevent others from experiencing the tragedy of homicide. Their mission is to reduce violent crime through prevention and intervention and to guide and support the families of victims.

Cara is turning 40 soon and wanted to do something to support KC Mothers in Charge and bring awareness to the cause. She’s decided she will run 40 miles for her 40th birthday with the goal of raising $40,000 for Mothers in Charge.


She’s set Friday, June 29th as the date she will run her 40-mile tribute.



Meet Rosalyn Temple, the woman behind KC Mothers in Charge

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