Each year, Pilates 1901 picks a charity that helps support local families in need.
In the past, those organizations have included Harvesters, SAVE, Inc., and KC Mothers in Charge. 

This year, we’ve chosen a Northland food pantry, Mimi’s pantry.  Founded less than two years ago, Mimi’s pantry was the vision of Pilates 1901
peep’s Dennis Curtin and Tamara Libbey.  Inspired by Dennis’s Mother, LILLIAN MIMI CURTIN’S generosity as a restaurant owner in the 1960’s, they created Northtown Kansas City’s only food shelter.

Their mission?  To bridge the gap for individuals and families who sometimes lack having enough nourishing food available to them.

Many times these families will have unexpected expenses come up which disrupts their monthly budgets and makes providing food to the family a major challenge.



Mimi’s Pantry aims to be a temporary stop-gap for individuals and families in this type of predicament.

Mimi’s Pantry is a state of the art pantry offering a full range of food items needed to provide a nourishing, balanced meal beyond canned goods and staples.  This pantry is also stocked with a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and frozen meats.

Another unique feature of Mimi’s Pantry is the library of books available for our clients to take home.

Many times there isn’t enough money left in the budget to buy books for the family members. Research has proven that proficient reading skills are a major factor in a child’s success in school.

Your donation of $5 can feed one person for seven days.  Your donation of $25 will feed an entire family for a week!

Thank you for donating to Mimi’s Pantry if you can.
We appreciate your help!  


Click this link to learn more about how you can help Mimi’s.


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