img_4353Perhaps you’ve already made steps toward a healthier you by turning to our T School program for getting your diet and fitness in line. Another great long-term change that helps your body is the practice of meditation.

Meditation has been studied for thousands of years by many different cultures and provides a wide range of benefits.

Meditation is very popular because it works.

There is growing evidence to show that meditation can make you healthier and happier. For example, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is sometimes used to treat depression, and brain imaging technology suggests meditation actually changes your brain in a number of beneficial ways.

MRI scans have shown that long-term meditation can alter the structure of your cerebral cortex, the outer layer of your brain. Additionally, brain regions associated with attention and sensory processing have been shown to be thicker in those who meditate.

Previous studies have linked meditation to benefits such as improved attention, memory, processing speed, creativity, and more. Recent research also suggests that meditation helps counteract age-related loss of brain volume.

In short, meditation can be viewed as a form of brain exercise that strengthens it and keeps it “younger” longer. Other studies reveal the benefits of meditation are not limited to your brain; it also has anti-inflammatory effects and affects gene expression—all of which can boost overall physical health and longevity.


Join us for our upcoming Meditation Series

Our Mindful Sherpa, Suba Nadarajah talks about the POWER of Practice


During meditation, your brain sorts through and simplifies your thoughts. You are able to clear out the stress and extra thoughts that aren’t important. Studies have shown that meditation slows down the speed at which the brain processes data, and decreases the number of beta waves in the brain. Beta waves are connected to your selective attention and attentiveness. By decreasing your attention on stressful subjects, you are able to find your true self beyond all the chaos.

If you’ve never meditated, but want to try it, this is your time!

We’re offering an 8  part Meditation Practice series called #1901WednesdayMantra.  “Mindful Sherpa” Suba Nadarajah will lead you in this series that builds weekly to help you created and deepen your practice.  

This class is open to experienced and people new to meditation alike.  Join us and expand your awareness as you reduce stress and worry.  

To make this an extra special experience, Suba created a website, especially for this class.  Click this link!


This next 8 session series begins February 8th, 2018 and will run 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings through March 28th.

We are limiting the number of registrants to keep the sessions intimate so please sign up now to guarantee your space.  This is a popular workshop and we do expect it to fill.

The price for all 8 sessions is just $89.

Start living life with a better perspective of yourself and others around you today! We’re here to help show you how!

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