Think Fat Loss, not Weight Loss!


Most people come through our doors looking to “Lose weight”.

Lose weight” is a very vague target/goal to set.  In fitness, it is easy to get discouraged by the dreaded “scale” but the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

Weight is a poor indicator of overall health because it can’t distinguish between muscle or fat. If you are going to measure anything you have to measure lean body mass, body fat percentage, and water weight.  ‍

Are you concerned about your weight?

Your health is dependent on more than just your weight. Knowing how much fat you need to lose and where you need to lose it and where you need to build muscle can help you set exercise goals that have an impact and purpose.

Experience the InBody Test

Receive a personalized record that informs you of your current body fat percentage and lean muscle ratio. These numbers are what matters, not just what the scale says.

Believe it or not, some people can appear thin and still be primarily fat-that’s called “skinny fat.” The point is, their health risks are just as great because their body composition is unhealthy.

We’re here to help you keep it real with InBody Testing.

Pilates 1901 is excited to offer this non-invasive body composition measurement tool. In 30 seconds (while you are fully clothed), we can measure details of your body composition to see what you’re made of.

Coupled with your training and nutrition, we can see changes in your muscle mass, metabolism and body fat loss vs looking at a traditional scale alone.

Getting an InBody test will help you A) measure your strength; B) manage your body fat; C) monitor your water; and D) track your progress month after month.

InBody Scan Cost:

  • $15 for Group Assessment
  • $35 for Private Assessment

‍We recommend you have a repeat scan done at a minimum every 60-90 days to track progress while making improvements in your fitness and nutrition.

Click here to reserve your Group Assessment on Saturday, June 15th between 1230 and 130 pm.

Can’t make it to our Group Assessments?  No worries!  We can do a private assessment for you!  Email us today!

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