The Power of Three.

Three years. Three Hips. Three Weeks. Three days.


In the recovery room., still obviously sedated.

It’s been three weeks and three days since my third hip replacement, each of which I have had exactly three years apart.

Seems like a pattern here.  A pattern that needs to stop.

It’s not that I don’t like hospitals (I don’t like hospitals), or my doctors (two out of three ain’t bad), or pain (the myth about women having a higher pain tolerance is untrue); it’s about all the questions about why, why, why Tina- why YOU?

I guess it would be normal for people to think that my being reasonably young (for a hip replacement) and proactive and fit, that I would be able to avoid these constant revisions.

“Do you think you did too many step classes?” (spinning classes, aerobic classes, etc) “Did you cut your physical therapy too short?”  “Maybe you came back too soon?”  “Do you have osteoporosis?”  “What’s wrong with your bones?”

The implication seems to be (no matter how unintentionally), that I did something to create my situation. And I guess I did.  I was born… to parents who also had arthritis; a condition that most of us will develop to some degree as we age.   I just happened to be one of those who developed it early.

I don’t mean to sound testy.  I get it. No one wants to believe you have to have three hip replacements before your mid fifties to get it right.  But I did.  And it sucks.



When I posted this picture on FB all folks could say is how cute he is. He’s a doctor people! Let’s show some respect!

The Good News.

My physician, Dr. Scott Wingertner, (who may look like he’s twelve but is actually a brilliant surgeon), told me he’s very confident this will be my last revision. Yeah!!!

There was a problem after all with my bones: they were too hard! Hard enough that it was difficult to scrape down far enough into the bone bed to get a secure set of the cup- harder still to drill in the multiple screws that we trust will keep the damned thing in place this time. The irony of course is that my bones were not too soft to hold the cup in place, but too hard! Now that’s freaking hilarious!

The recovery too will be hard.  Hard because the incision was different.  Hard because I’m that much older and my poor muscles are confused having performed acrobats to accommodate the previous surgeries.  That means it’s going to take more time to recover.  That means I’m going to have to stay quiet, follow directions, take it slow and mind my manners- all traits that are not organically Tina. You see my dilemma.


My excellent PT, Justin Trent!

My excellent PT, Justin Trent!

Boredom and Buried Treasure

So it’s been three weeks and three days since my surgery.  It took two weeks to get out of bed, three weeks to toss the walker and three weeks and three days to feel like my brain is clear enough to write this blog.

It will be three months I am told, before I can return to work and a normal schedule. Are you kidding me?  Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. But it’s true.  So what am I to do?

I think a good place to start is being grateful.

If there’s one thing getting set on your ass will show you, it’s who your friends are. I’ve been blown away (and I mean blown away) by the amazing support of my friends, family and community. Daily cards, emails, texts, meals, flowers, gifts and wishes for healing have humbled me and brought me to tears.  If one of life’s big lessons is to learn to be vulnerable, trust and accept, then I am getting my Phd.

Any entrepreneur would be nervous about leaving their business in the hands of others, but my amazing 1901 staff and coaching community have shown me just how powerful a team can be when they share the same values and vision. They’ve not missed a beat in taking care of our clients, of one another, and me.

You might think learning life goes on without you would pop your balloon, but it’s given mine an unexpected rise instead. I might actually be able to use this time to focus on all those things I’ve been saying I want to do instead of chasing my tail worrying about what might be falling through the cracks. My gratitude to my staff is immense for this.  To this I can only say, thank you, thank you, and thank you.



Flowers ARE medicine!

The Book

Many of you know, I’ve been talking about writing a book for sometime. Now, it seems, I have no excuse.  I have the time and I have the support to write it.  So, (and I know this public statement is going to cause me some major 2 am anxiety), I am going to finish my book during this surgibattical and do whatever it takes to get it published this year.

So what is this book about? It’s about you. It’s about everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) from you all these years teaching health and fitness. It’s about your questions, your frustrations, your desires and your fear of failure. It’s about possibility and freedom and daring to live your best life every day.

It’s about overcoming our inertia and embracing the simple belief that our best health, our best selves are determined by nothing more and nothing less than our daily choices.  If, as Sean Covey said, “we become what we repeatedly do,” how come so many of us have such a profound disconnect between what we say we want in our lives, and what we actually do (or don’t do) to support that?

That’s what the book is about!  Do I have the answer?  NO.  Do I have a solution?
YES, I do!  Many!  And the suggestions I will make are culled directly from the lessons learned by living and working and playing with you, my friends and family and clients.


About this time, you’re thinking, okay Tina, let’s step away from the hydrocodone.

But, it’s not the drugs.  (I am writing this sans pain medicine)  If I seem high, it’s because I’m so excited about sharing your stories. I’ve seen first hand the miracles that happen when ordinary people make the decision to create profound change in their lives, simply by shifting their beliefs- by accepting that they have the power to do so.

Me and mom circa 2013

Me and mom circa 2013

John Irving wrote, “Good habits are worth being fanatical about.”  So pardon me if I sound a bit fanatical.  I’ve been at home for three weeks, eating good food lovingly prepared by my partner, my friends, my staff and my awesome community. I’ve had time to reflect on what’s most important to me, who’s most important to me, the casual treasures of every day life, and the poignancy and potential of random acts of kindness.

When I was a kid, complaining because I was restless and bored, my Mom used to say, “Only boring people are bored,” but never suggested what else I might do. I guess she was what you might call a ‘do it yourself parent’, a fact that I hadn’t fully appreciated perhaps, until now.

So Mom, I hear ya loud and clear. I ain’t bored and I sure as hell ain’t boring. I’ve found something to do.


And now for a shameless but timely plug….

Join me this weekend for Biagio Mazza’s “Finding your Life’s Purpose” Presentation.  Saturday at noon.  I’d love you to be my guest.  I’ll be there.  Just show up. “)


30 Comments » for Boredom and Buried Treasure during my Surgibattical
  1. Doris Downey says:

    I feel compelled to reply. Perhaps you just didn’t drink enough tequila to keep your hips lubricated. Seriously, this is a lovely piece and a great start to your career as a writer.

  2. Herb Warmbrodt says:

    Love this Babe!
    Can’t wait to read more!
    Did you do your exercises ?!!??

  3. Subashini Nadarajah says:

    You inspire me everyday!
    Love you dearly.

  4. Lisa Gann says:

    Tina I know I am away from 1901 for now, but you will never know how much you and Lisa have inspired me, and continue to do so, for oh-so many years. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and constant will to learn more is the best! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    • Tina says:

      Lisa, you always have a home at 1901 – drop in for one of our free workshops or pop up workouts. We’d love love love to see you. Thank you too for your kind words. T

  5. Andrea says:

    I can’t wait for your first book and all of the others after it. You get what you give and you always give your all.

  6. meredith says:

    I am a better person because of you, Tina Sprinkle. You inspire me and push me to grow, to do what I do best….even when 8 don’t know what my best is!
    I thank God every day for your influence in my life! I can’t wait to read your first book either!

  7. Georgia says:

    I have enjoyed reading everything that you’ve written since I met you. Obviously, you do need to put it all in one place. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Love your spirit!

  8. Lisa says:

    I can hear your enthusiasm and feel you inspiring me through your reflective and motivating words. You are making missed daily at 1901 but you are absolutely correct that you have a fantastic team holding down the fort !!! Look forward to reading your book 🙂 !!!

  9. sonia says:

    I believe in destiny & good luck and you are one of the most beautiful (inside out) I’ve ever met. Keep smiling, Tina, Always…! Never stop dancing!

  10. PeggyPeterson says:

    As the song goes, “You are Simply the Best,” sung by the other gorgeous & amazing Tina..(Turner, of course)! & YOU, dear Tina Sprinkle, continue to amaze, educate, amuse, illuminate; always remaining a loving friend & touch stone in my life. No matter where I live, & it will be back in KC soon!, YOU are there for me!
    And I, my friend, am always here for you. Looking forward to seeing you as visiting April 12-19! Woohoo!
    Thank you. Namaste. Peggy Peterson

  11. M.L. Bass says:

    I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Peggy is right…’re simply the best everything; friend and inspiring spirit…..we’re all fortunate that you’re in our lives….love reading that you’re writing and recovering…..can’t wait for the next installment! Lots of love! M.L.

  12. Helen Emmott says:

    Your writing is the kind every one will read, believe and act on! Why? Because you make each person feel worthy of being their best. You and Pilates 1901 became my bridge for believing 60 was the 40! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  13. Anna & Chad says:

    You are such an inspiration and an incredible influence on our lives, Tina. We are so looking forward to your book!

  14. Liz Trevino says:

    You are really an amazing woman! So honored to be part of such a great team – your team!!!!!! Press on, Tina!!! You got this!!

  15. Amy Parker says:

    You are a powerful inspiration, T! I’m so glad you’re recovering. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  16. Mike Krueger says:

    All the people who continue to be inspired by you- count me among them! You will fly through this and have a book when you are done- who else can say that? You got this Tiny Dancer!

  17. Cara says:

    Tina! This is awesome, I am so proud of you!!!! Congrats on your decision to write a book, it will be great, just like YOU!

  18. Tamara says:

    You are truly a Gift that keeps on Giving in many incredibly wonderful ways. As a friend, coach, entrepreneur & writer, the list goes on. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams with this new book adventure. Love you Dearly!

  19. Melissa Davis says:

    You are such an inspiration!! The outpouring of love and support that is being shown to you is simply a reflection of who you are and how you live your life.
    I’m sorry you have had to go through this surgery once again, but it sounds like you have found some sunshine in the middle of that reoccurring storm. I want to share one of my favorite quotes, because it makes me think of you. “I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength”.
    Wishing you a full recovery and may you have great success with your new book. ❤️

  20. Laura says:

    Tinaaaahh! You have been, and are still, a huge inspiration to me! Your buoyant, loving spirit is so infectious (and that’s a GOOD infection!). I’m thrilled about your book!!!! And I’m here for any support, advice, design, whatever (I am the book-girl after all!). Plus, I miss you! Continue being the marvel that you are. xoxox

  21. Sara Moser says:

    Thank you for sharing so candidly. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  22. Buzz Reno says:

    Tina, knowing you since 6th grade, you have always had the enviable quality of being self-driven and a born leader. Attaining your goals with hard work and laughter is a rare commodity in this world, both of which you share so generously. Having navigated a few physical challenges myself I am happy to say that we both have our cups more than half full! Life is short, live it well! And if you write a book I will buy it!Tina, knowing you since 6th grade, you have always had the enviable quality of being self-driven and a born leader. Attaining your goals with hard work and laughter is a rare commodity in this world, both of which you share so generously. Having navigated a few physical challenges myself I am happy to say that we both have our cups more than half full! Life is short, live it well! And if you write a book I will buy it!

  23. Lisa says:

    Well said my friend…and I can’t wait to read YOUR BOOK! Just start writing…and know that I am happy to share what I’ve learned on my book journey with you! xoxo

  24. Stacie says:

    I am, as always, catching your contagious spirit just by reading this!? Can’t wait for the book!!! Glad I’ve had you around for the longer than I can remember to inspire and push me. Love you!

  25. Laurie Evans says:

    T, Buzz and all your other friends and supporters have summed it all up so well, there’s hardly anything more I can add. I’ve know you my whole life, seen you thru thick and thin, shared secrets and fears and know no better friend. Sometimes Mother Nature hands us opportunities that don’t seem like it at the time but you have recognized this time as a blessing to consolidate your thoughts and all that you have to share and do what you have talked about for so long. Sitting and holding still are not a skill you or I was born with and sometime it takes an act of nature to get our attention. But when Nature calls we all must listen and I can’t wait to read what you write. You are a gifted, witty and talented woman and I love you dearly. Hope to see you soon!
    Your dear friend, L

  26. Joy wheeler says:

    hi Tina!! I am new to pilates but loved it from day 1. You were right to encourage me to get started and Britt has been terrific. I think your book will b outstanding and a reflection of your positivity and inspiring personna. Joy

  27. Barbara Shapiro says:

    Tina, I just saw this post about your 3rd hip replacement. So sorry you’ve had to endure them, but, as always, I’m amazed by your attitude & positive spirit, sharing yourself and your wisdom with others. Of course, it comes back to you in spades. Your book will be awesome as you are. This couch-potato is missing you all these years I’ve been away from KC; otherwise, I’d be there helping you out & cheering you on. Best to you for a complete & speedy recovery & writing that flows easily. Cheers, Barbara

  28. Kelly says:

    Lovely, lovely story, Tina Sprinkle!
    Thank you so much for sharing! So many people will be enlightened by this information!

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